How we charge

In addition to delivering the best service, Groovy Movers strives to deliver the best pricing, as well. If you're moving in the state of Texas you pay:


$54 an hour, per mover


and that's it! Other companies not only charge higher hourly and base rates, but will also add on extra charges at the end of the job.  We believe that you should not be punished for the circumstances of your move, and that is why no matter what your job entails, you pay a simple upfront price to have our guys get your job done. Where other companies may tack on charges for things like going up and down stairs or have mileage fees, we simply charge for the time we spend working, and nothing else. Ever.

  • Moving on a rainy day? You pay $54/h/m
  • Moving a hot day? You pay $54/h/m   
  • Have really heavy furniture? You pay $54/h/m
  • Lots of stairs? You pay $54/h/m
  • Does your stuff need to be disassembled and reassembled? You pay $54/h/m                                       
  • Do you need more than one truck? You pay $54/h/m                      

No minimums, no fees, no nonsense.                                                                 

If you find anyone who says they can do your job for less, let us know and we'll match their price and beat their service.


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