Our Favorite Coffee Shops

When you run a moving company in a vibrant city like Austin, you tend to drink a lot of coffee. Not only because moving can be a demanding task, but because the City of Austin has so many great options to choose from. Below is a list of Groovy Movers’ favorite places to grab a quick pick me up!

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Quack’s Bakery

Located not too far from our very headquarters, Quack’s Bakery encapsulates the reasons we choose to run our business out of Hyde Park. Experience delicious coffee and amazing baked goods, in an inviting, charming space, in one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods. When you’re finished, when the streets of Hyde Park and appreciate the beauty and charm of the homes we are privileged to work in on a daily basis.

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Cuvee Coffee

If you need a kick to get going, you need to go to Cuvee Coffee and try their very intense Nitro Cold Brew coffee. It will get you moving. ‘Nuff said. While you’re down there, check out the artsy vibe of East Austin’s East Sixth Street.

Radio Bar

We like Radio Bar for the experience. Not only do they offer a delicious cup of expertly crafted Joe, they also offer a wide variety of craft beers, in a tasteful space that hosts exciting events from movie and trivia nights, to live performances from esteemed national touring acts.

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Hiring Movers for Your Upcoming Office Move

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Austin is an industrious city with people from all walks of life coming together to create amazing new things and collaborate on exciting projects. Austin Commercial Real Estate is on fire, and we find that teams are relocating every day, whether they’re moving their company to Austin, or they need a new space in the city they already occupy. 

If you’ve never hired a moving company to help relocate a office or commercial space, here’s a little guide to help you get started.

Finding a Commercial Moving Company 

There are a lot of great moving companies in Austin, and sometimes it can be hard to pick the right one. When booking a mover for your office move, here are some things to keep in mind.

Is the company licensed and insured? Now, it’s always a good idea to go with licensed and insured professional movers, but more so when moving offices. A lot of commercial buildings will require all contracted professionals who enter to not only be insured, but to have a minimum amount of general liability insurance. Find out if the spaces you occupy have such requirements, and then find out if the company you are interested in meets them.

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What needs to be done?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but when you get down to it, a lot of office moves require more intricate practices and attention to specific details than your typical residential move. Find out what you need done, and what’s unique about your circumstances, and see if your moving company can accommodate. For example, are you moving cubicles and do you need a crew that is proficient in disassembling and reassembling them? Do you have several monitors that need to be safely packed and transported? Is there restricted access to elevators? Call your moving company and talk to them about these things.

What’s the company’s reputation and experience like? There are a lot of moving companies out there who do a great job delivering furniture and moving homes and apartments, but as mentioned above, office moves are a bit of a specialty. Does the moving company you want to hire have experience moving offices, and do they have a reputation for doing a good job?

If you’re ready to book a moving company for your upcoming office move, reach out to Groovy Movers, and make your commercial move as Groovy as possible!

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Best Tacos in Austin


Austin has a great culinary reputation, a staple of which is our tacos. Locals and tourists from all over the world find Austin to be one of the great taco hotspots. Recently, we asked our crew what their favorite taco places were. Below are the places we all felt are worth a visit.

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Tyson’s Tacos - Not too far from where we are headquartered, Tyson’s is a 24 hour establishment that encapsulates the spirit of Austin perfectly. With both classic, and inventive tacos available on the menu, and a special discount for musicians who can prove their worth, Tyson’s covers all the bases, offering an assorted option of tacos, beer, and never closing, Tyson’s is a great choice for all occasions and timeframes.

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El Chilito - When our founder first moved to Austin, somebody pointed him towards El Chilito and he has eaten there on a regular basis ever since. Now, after a few years and several more taco places under our belts, El Chilito still tops our list. 

Pro tip: Try one of their burritos! Our favorite is the Cherrywood

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Bomb Tacos - Sometimes the best time to get a fucking taco is at one in the morning. Here’s your best option, night owls. These guys are set up at the legendary White Horse bar on East Sixth (a one of a kind bar that we feel encapsulates Austin perfectly) 

BONUS: Soursop

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A previous post alluded to the greatness that is the Soursop experience, and it is just so good that we had to mention it again. If you look at the menu, you will not see tacos, but that doesn’t mean that the brilliant minds can’t provide you with one. Chef Teddy Bricker will make you a taco using Roti, a buttery Indian flatbread, in place of a tortilla, and it will change your life.

Great Austin Day Trips

So, you just moved to Austin but want to explore the land beyond Travis County? Here are some of our recommendations for people of all backgrounds and interests, for fun day trips out of the city. Some of these are more popular destinations, and some are slightly off the beaten path.


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A town for lovers and families alike, Fredericksburg sits in the heart of the Hill Country and is the epitome of Czech-Influenced rural Texas tourism. Experience a beautiful drive down Highway 290, and try out one of the many dining options in town. Fredericksburg also has enough charming Bed and Breakfast's to rival all of New England.


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San Marcos

Deemed by some as the “New Austin”, San Marcos is just a short drive to the south. Featuring rivers where locals gather, a 4 year university, and a charming town square with bars, restaurants and art galleries abound, San Marcos is a quirky big town that reminds visitors of the Austin of yesteryear. 


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Pace Bend State Park

Enjoy views, consistently deep rivers, and a little bit of nature at Pace Bend. Texas does not have many public spaces for people to recreate, but Pace Bend is one of the few and offers patrons a place to let loose and enjoy the natural beauty of the state.




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Burnet is a charming small town that you probably won’t find on other people’s lists. The reason we like it, is because it has all the staples of a popular tourist trap, without all the crowds and commotion. Plus, we have yet to find a better place to view Bluebonnets. So, enjoy the scenic drive out to Burnet, and stop by Inks Lake to get your fill of nature.


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Texas Wine Country

Believe it or not, Austin, and the surrounding areas, are home to several great wineries. Simply drive down Highway 290 or Fitzhugh Road and you will be hard-pressed to miss a winery. Enjoy Texas agriculture, scenery, and service all on the same trip. Our favorite is the view at the Hawk's Nest.

Our Standard for Customer Service

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It is easy to learn how to pick up a couch and get it from one point to another. What is harder to learn, is empathy, and the desire to truly want to help people in need. Recently, we had a customer who needed more than just her stuff moved. She needed relief on what could only be one of the most stressful and trying days of her life and we were thrilled to have a positive impact. We got into this business to help people, and this testimonial summarizes what it means to be a Groovy Mover, more than anything.

Preparing for Your Move

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So you're moving and you're not sure where to start? Check this out!

Decide What’s Going and What’s Staying - One of the best things about moving homes is the opportunity to clear a little clutter from your life. There is no better time to clear your home and get rid of things you no longer wish to possess, than when you are preparing to move every single thing you own.


Figure Out How Much Work You Want to Do Yourself - Let’s face it. Moving can be a daunting task, that without much warning can explode into a much bigger chore than originally anticipated. Before you start, think about which parts of your move that you would like to do yourself, and which you would like to hire someone to do. Whatever you decide, most commercial moving companies are full service, and can step in to help finish your move and alleviate your stress any step of the way.


Finding a Mover - Hiring a mover can be tricky, as the market is saturated with companies, all with shiny trucks and flashy websites. With all of these distractions, it can be hard to tell who has the best service. Here are some things to look for. 

- Their online reviews

- Are they insured?

- Are they licensed?

- What do they really charge? Base fees? Travel fees? Hourly rates? Extra charges for stairs and furniture assembly?

- What’s their availability like? Do they give you a window or a hard start time?

Introducing Our New Fleet

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For far too long moving companies the whole world over have been synonymous with big, cumbersome box trucks. For a while, we were too, until we learned that there was a better alternative. We decided that it was time we make a change, not just for ourselves or our customers, but for the moving industry and the planet, as a whole. There is a better alternative.

At Groovy Movers, we are excited to announce that we will be switching our entire fleet from box trucks to towable trailers. In the coming weeks, we will be phasing out all box trucks and replacing them entirely with trailers, and getting them painted shortly, thereafter. All while continuing business as usual. This means that we will be able to offer a better, more affordable service than our competitors.

Here's how:

Trailers are cheaper to buy, maintain, and insure - which lowers costs on our end, and allows us to offer you our superior service at an even cheaper price than our competitors, ripping you off with their expensive, hard to maintain prehistoric box trucks

Trailers require less fuel - Box trucks absolutely waste fuel, which not only is bad for the environment, it’s bad for both of our wallets. Owning trailers, and leasing pick-up trucks to tow them, allows us to use the newest vehicles with the best eco-boost and green technology. Again, superior service and consideration, at a price that literally cannot be matched.

Trailers have more room - Our trailers have more cubic footage than the average box truck does. This allows you to pack more items on a single trip.

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Some of Our Favorite Eateries

If there’s one thing movers know better than how to handle your furniture with care, it’s the best place to grab a good meal afterwards. Our boys work hard and build mighty appetites doing so, and love to reward themselves with a delicious meal at one of the many great eating establishments around Austin. Here is an eclectic list of some of our favorite eateries across the city, ranging in styles of food, price and atmosphere, to help our clients new to the city find a good starting off point.

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Lichas Cantina

When our friends from out of town say they want to see what the Eastside is all about, we start with dinner at Licha’s. The drinks are great, sitting inside feels like you are in another country, and sitting outside takes you back to reality with its view of the bustling and ever-expanding eastern end of Austin’s famous 6th Street.

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Soursop Food Trailer

Soursop food trailer is a business we love and respect, not just for the amazing food they bring to the table, but for the way they do it. Founded by renowned chef Teddy Bricker (featured on Zagat’s first ever 30 under 30 list), Soursop itself was once on Zagat's Top Places to Eat in America. Just like us, Soursop is forging its own path in an industry that often survives on mediocre service. Soursop is dedicated to its craft and its customers and provides an exceptional dining experience, even for a food truck. Located in the developing The Yard urban space, walk around after you’re finished eating and try grabbing a drink from the brewery, distillery, or winery. 

Pro tip: order the secret menu item Roti Tacos.


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Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery

Junk food. Sometimes you gotta have it. While Austin leads the way in inventive culinary dishes, with creative and exciting dessert places on every corner, we are going to have side with the classic, on this one. Mrs. Johnson’s has been an Austin staple since the 1940’s, and their plain glazed donut is as good as anything you’ll ever eat. Ever. 

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Salty Sow

As mentioned above, we like to eat. A lot. We have found Salty Sow to be a great place to sit down with friends or a partner, and share a few plates together. The menu and ambiance are great, and so is the location. When you’ve finished your meal, grab dessert at Elaine’s Pork and Pies, or walk up and down Manor Street to experience one of the city’s newest bar scenes.


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Las Cazuelas

There are endless options when it comes to good Mexican and Tex-Mex food, in any part of Texas. Here, we are going to have to side with Las Cazuelas, for its great portions and classic recipes. There is no nonsense here, just great food.


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Lichas Cantina

When our friends from out of town say they want to see what the Eastside is all about, we start with dinner at Licha’s. The drinks are great, sitting inside feels like you are in another country, and sitting outside takes you back to reality with its view of the bustling and ever-expanding eastern end of Austin’s famous 6th Street.


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Terry Black’s Barbecue

We might lose a few people with this one. Texans take their barbecue very seriously, and rightfully so, but sometimes picking sides can cause some division. Even if Black’s isn't your first choice, we hope we can still be friends. The story behind their delicious food, is an interesting one that adds character and humanity to their eateries. The original Black’s Barbecue was founded in Lockhart, Texas (the barbecue capital of the WORLD) and is still in operation. In fact, many have regarded Black’s to be the very best barbecue in the world. Now, the Black family has expanded their barbecue dynasty by opening two locations in Austin, both of which are run by direct descendants of Terry Black, and who use his secret, original recipes. Most Texas barbecue places are pretty great, but this one is our favorite.

When Movers Move

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Sometimes in life the mover must become the movee, and we would like to address the departure of a very close member of the Groovy Movers family. Alec has been an employee since around the time that the business opened, and was a friend of the founder long before that. Every day, Alec came to work with a great attitude and work ethic, that allowed him to not only be an extraordinary Team Lead, but also a great guy to spend your days working with. 

Alec recently completed his final shift as a Team Lead here, and will be moving to Brooklyn, New York, in the coming days. While we are sad to be losing such a valuable member of our groovy community, we are excited for Alec and the bright future that surely lays ahead of him.