Groovy Movers


Groovy Movers is an employee owned full-service moving company based out of Austin, Texas.

We take great pride in what we do and strive to be the very best moving company, we can be. That is why no matter what your job entails, we will match anybody's price and beat everybody's service.


The grooviest pricing around

Pay only $49 an hour!

And that's it. Not only are we proud to offer the best service in Texas, we are proud to offer the best pricing as well. With Groovy Movers you pay for the time we are on the job, and nothing else. Other companies not only charge higher base and hourly rates, they will tack on extra fees  for things like going up and down stairs, mileage and travel expenses, and pieces that are deemed particularly heavy. Groovy Movers will never charge for anything other than the time we work. Nothing extra or hidden... EVER!!!


We Move all of Texas

Groovy Movers may be headquartered in Austin, but our fleet serves all of Texas! Whether you're going from Amarillo to Abilene or Midland to McAllen, you can count on Groovy Movers to get your job done!




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